Operational areas

Use finds the AI in the scope of development and inspection of the car manufacturers and their supplier.

Range of functions

  • ► Spontaneous and cyclical sending from CAN-Frames
  • ► Implementation of complete communication stencils (on request)
  • ► Interface for PC-communication(RS232 & USB)
  • ► Online Bus Trace (screen)
  • ► Monitoring the Businformationen on screen and in a file
  • ► High accuracy of the system time reference
  • ► Timing analysis of the data telegrams with a dissolution of 10us
  • ► Efficient hardware (HCS12) with expandabilities
  • ► Availability of the Source code for customer adjustments
  • ► Flash-Update via PC-Software
  • ► USB-Integration via DLL-Interface including completly Source-Codes
  • ► 2 SPI-Master/Slave Ports

Technical data in overview

Voltage supply USB
CAN-Interface 2x TJA1050 (82C251)
1x TJA1054
RS232-Interface 1x HIN202 (PC, SPS)
USB-Interface 1x FTDI245
Dimensions (LxWxH) 112x60x20 mm
Weight 0,1 kg
Temperature range -40°C - 85°C
(0°C - 50°C USB)
Processor MC9S12DP256/25 MHz
System Memory 256 kB Flash-EPROM (Update
via PC) 12 kB RAM

CAN Monitor & Simulation PC Software

The communication between PC and AI2 takes place with the help of a dynamic Link Library (DLL) via the USB-Interface. In the basic scope of supply of the AI2 is the application buswatch V3 (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10) inclusively Source-Code (C#).

Range of functions Buswatch:

  • ► Cycle and spontaneous sending procedures
  • ► Support of max. 2 CAN-Channels
  • ► Minutes-recordings in File
  • ► 2K, XP, Vista, Win7/32
  • ► Basic implementation CCP-communication
  • ► Filter for receipt Messages
  • ► Source-Code without restrictions available

In configuration files attitudes can be stored for different simulations- and/or test environments.

Order- and price information*

Automotive Interface 3
Order.-Nr. 070 010 193 A

490,00 € Connecting cable AI3 CAN
Order.-Nr. 070 010 186
27,60 €
Automotive Interface 3
Aluminium Case with Top Hat Rail
Order.-Nr. 070 010 194 A

578,00 €

* All the prices indicated are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

Automotive Interface 3

Automotive Interface 3 mit CAN Leitung

Downloads (Driver, Applications, Source Codes, Schematics)


Prospekt Automotive Interface V3.pdf